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The AVlish dictionary

During research, development and subsequent sales calls, the AVLOG team has become aware of the evolution of an internal language that is becoming less and less internal.

If you have any suggestions for the AVlish Dictionary, please feel free to contact us through our community blog or e-mail our team for consideration of your brilliant creations.

AVLOG speaks your language no matter where you live.

The AVLish Vocabulary

The AVLish Vocabulary

AVLOG - Account Valued Logistics

AVjacked - not enough money

AVlake - otherwise known at the Lake of Texas (for those of you not from Texas, you would probably refer to this as the Gulf of Mexico - remember, AVLOG is headquartered in Houston)

AVlie - a promise made that does not prove to be true - at AVLOG, we are dedicated to being truthful to our clients - no AVlies here!

AVlish - AVLOG & English

AVlodge - an FBO

AVlution - a customized solution from the team at AVLOG

AVquesh - derived from the attempt to translate the Italian word "dessentante" which literally translated is "thirst quenching" - this is actually how the AVlish dictionary got its humble beginnings

AVstance - the opposite of AVlie, an AVstance is a statement of truth

AVtigued - exhaustion from working overtime on AVwishes

AVwish - an activity that should be completed by the wisher, but by simply speaking the wish outloud, others willingly grant the wish (we have actually been witness to an AVwish when we found ourselves painting the Executive V.P.'s sun room over a weekend. Mystical.)

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