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AVLOG Commercial Purchasing Card

The aviation purchasing card that breaks the mold...


Utilize the AVLOG Purchasing MasterCard®  for all types of purchases including fuel, parts, procurement, travel, entertainment, capital expenses and much, much more. 



  • Increase cash flow.
  • One card, total solution.
  • Accepted at over 24 million locations worldwide.
  • Charge up to $9.9 million per card.*
  • Significant cost reduction in typical transaction.
  • Streamline accounts payable process.


Unlike consumer cards, the AVLOG MasterCard®  in conjunction with the AVLOG GlobalReporting System allows for complete management of spending activities through the implementation of specific corporate controls.



  • Individual spending limits and merchant level controls.
  • Blocking and split billing capabilities.
  • Adjustable billing cycles with flexible payment dates.
  • Transaction detail tracking (level III).
  • More efficiently manage payment settlement with suppliers.
  • Quality customer support.



Start your implementation today.  Call AVLOG at 919-599-5069

or send us an e-mail and an experienced AVLOG executive will assist you.

Fast Fact

"Save an estimated

$ 67.38 per transaction over traditional purchase orders."

- Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey Results, 2005

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