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AVLOG Purchase Log System

Increase your transaction capabilities...


In a partnership with Wright Express (WEX), AVLOG is pleased to offer the AVLOG Purchase Log System to our corporate accounts.   For all of your    in-house corporate purchases, the AVLOG Purchase Log System makes purchasing, tracking and reporting purchases a breeze.



  • Easy reconcilation.
  • Financial rebates.
  • Extended cash flow.
  • Easy payment system with auto generated accounts.
  • Eliminate invoicing on these purchases.
  • Reduce risk of fraud.


The AVLOG Purchase Log System enables ghost card functionality with a more secure solution.



  • Web-based interfacing.
  • Transaction data posted daily.
  • Access to download data in customized format.
  • Each transaction tied to an auto-generated number and can be tied to your AVLOG PurchasingMasterCard® and benefits. 
  • Complete control over profiles...delete a profile at the press of a button.


Start your implementation today.  Call AVLOG at 919-389-6430 or send us an e-mail and an experienced AVLOG executive will assist you.

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