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AVLOG Fuel and Tax Module

Taking your fuel and tax headaches away...


The AVLOG Fuel and Tax Module* is specifically designed to allow bulk fuel providers a way for their clients to obtain their discounts at the point of sale without pre-arranging discounts in advance.


  • Discounts obtained at point-of-sale without pre-arranging discounts in advance.
  • Significantly decrease necessity for outsourcing tax recovery.


When combined with the AVLOG PurchasingMasterCard® and the AVLOG GlobalReporting System, the result is a powerful savings tool. 


  • Encrypted data ensures discount accuracy.
  • Settlement for fuel transaction is handled via the card.
  • Eliminate tax recovery at associate dealer locations.
    • Data is automatically collected on all respective taxes.
    • Data is checked against tables supplied by vendor.


Start your implementation today.  Call AVLOG at 919-599-5069 or send us an e-mail and an experienced AVLOG executive will assist you.

Haven't found the solution that addresses all of your fuel and tax needs?

Let us create a personalized AVlution (AVLOG solution) for you - click here to send your request today!


*Currently in development.

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